Seeking mutually beneficial partnerships with high-calibre suppliers and vendors is a priority for Oman Post.

Supply Chain is responsible for purchasing of goods, materials and services through Tendering Process, by which bids are invited to carry out specific works. This process to get the best offers, Cost, Time, Quality

To find out about upcoming tenders parties can contact

  • mail
  • phone image+968 24922122
TN: T-21-2021

Cleaning and Hospitality Services for HQ building Oman Post & Asyad Express

Fees R.O (Non-Refundable): 100/- (SMEs with Rayadah Card are exempt from tender fees)

Bid Bond (local Bank): 1% of bid value valid for 90 days,  (SMEs with Rayadah Card are exempt from bid bond)

Summary of Scope: Cleaning Services including loading, Sorting. 

For details read the attached document.